An image of hiring facilities.

Important. Please read before booking the facilities.

Only book in increments of an hour if you are booking as an individual. You can add additional riders or other addons once you've selected the date and time of your booking.

If you are booking an event please contact the Centre on with details of your event. The Centre will need a copy of your public liability insurance.

For terms and conditions of booking and additional information about the facilities please click here.

Your booking will be added to our public calendar (there will be no personal information included) for ease of checking availability. If you would like the calendar to include additional information about your event, or a poster please email the Centre with this information. We are also happy to share on our social media.


Please note that to receive EC Pro credit all cancellations must be made on EC Pro a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of the booking. Cancellations made another way, or with less than this amount of notice will not receive credit or a refund of any kind.

*Please note the half day/full day bookings are not available online. Please contact the Centre on with details of when you would like to book and a contact phone number and we will get back to you.